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Let’s Talk Legumes

So, I have covered fruits and vegetables quite a lot on this blog over the last two years. And it has been fun. But people often have a love-hate relationship with legumes. So, for a couple of weeks, we are going to be covering the origins, benefits, and pitfalls of legumes all over the world. Who knows? Maybe, there will be a recipe linked in there that is relevant to your interests? Get ready to get your nutrition on, because we are going to be talking about…




These hard nuts to crack are originally from the Middle East, as well as parts of North Africa and India. It was domesticated as far back as before the bronze age( 3000–2000 BCE), and have been a staple of the Mediterranean diet for generations. Interesting factoid, archeological traces of almonds were found in Tutankhamun‘s tomb in Egypt (c. 1325 BC), and they have been able to be exported and cultivated from as far as Germany and Iceland.  Some of them even grow today in the US, as a major California crop. But what makes almonds good for us?


The Benefits of Almonds

  • Alkaloids- They can strengthen your immune system, and almonds have a bunch of alkaloids that can help boost it.
  • Vitamin B- This nutritiously dense seed can boost cell metabolism, meaning that your body can grow and repair itself faster and more efficiently.
  • Vitamin E- This nutrient is dissolved in fat and has a role in things like eye function and smooth muscle growth.
  • Antioxidants-  When we get too much oxygen in our blood, it starts to cause a literal fire in the bloodstream, and we die from the explosion. We combat this by eating antioxidant-rich food, which has properties that fight those chemical reactions in our bodies.
  • Monosaturated fat- Almonds are a nutrient dense food, that is filled with monosaturated fat. These fats are essential for heart health and organ function.

Almond Recipes

Click on the photos below for the recipes!


 Almond Encrusted Chicken

almonds, recipe, almond encrusted chicken


Do you need an extra crunch in your next meal? How about some protein on top of your protein? This is where Almond encrusted chicken comes in to save the day and end your dietary woes. This crunchy chicken recipe will give you a chance to try a different spin on the same old recipe.


Blueberry Almond Milk Smoothie

blueberry almond smoothie, almond

What if you need a boost in antioxidants? Here is where berries and almonds meet for a sweet and refreshing beverage. This blueberry almond milk smoothie is great for getting breakfast on the go and is great when cold.


Strawberry Almond Salad




Maybe you just want a variety of tastes as well as a variety of vitamins and minerals? That is where the strawberry almond salad comes in. It’s sweet, savory, nutrient dense, and good on a warm summer day.



The Benefits of Almonds