All the Colors of the Rainbow – Strawberries

PerfectStrawberryThis post is the start of a new series for Bek’s Bites. We will be sharing nutrition tips about colorful fruits and vegetables. Think about rainbow colors when you choose your produce because those bright shades not only mean better flavor, it means they contain healthy nutrients.


After buying your strawberries either from a local Farmer’s Market or at an organic grocery store, you can start to enjoy the many benefits of this amazing fruit.
The same strawberries that help us celebrate summer (and Valentine’s Day!) were brought from the wild and into the garden in France in the 18th century. Strawberries were initially cultivated for their various medicinal uses; however, they grew in popularity because of the wonderful taste. Who doesn’t love strawberry shortcake and whipped cream?
One serving of strawberries has around 50 calories and is an excellent source of Vitamin C. Low in sugar but definitely sweet enough to curb any cravings, this fruit is a healthy snack because it reduces blood sugar spikes. Strawberries have such vital nutrients as B-complex, manganese, fiber and a healthy plant compound called ellagic acid, which may reduce cancer risk. These may be reason enough to eat as much as you can of this summer harvested fruit, but strawberries also:


  • Boost immunity
  • Promote eye health
  • Ease inflammation and prevent collagen destruction
  • Fight bad cholesterol and regulate blood pressure
  • Help with weight management

With so many good qualities, this fruit is a staple in any healthy diet. Check us out tomorrow and see how to make an easy Friday lunch with strawberries.


Cooking Tip!Strawberries_with_hulls_-_scan

Buy organic strawberries when you can. Strawberries are part of the “dirty dozen” list and commercially grown fruits may have a lot of pesticides. You can also buy from your local Farmer’s Market and ask how the strawberries were farmed.