Fruits of Spring – Lychee

It is now springtime, dear readers, and that means that many healthy and delicious fruits and vegetables are coming back in season! As we foray our way into the Summer Season, I wanted to stop and look at some of the nutritional benefits that some of the in-season fruits has to offer. This week’s fruit is exotic and filled with all sorts of nutritional benefits, so get ready for the Lychee Fruit


The cultivation of the Lychee was first mentioned in Chinese literature at around 1059 A.D. and has been produced and traded with many other countries with tropical climates, such as Burma, Australia, and even Africa. Descended from the Soapberry family, the Lychee trees have a harvest time of May and June and grows in bunches, with a red rough outer skin hiding the delicious fruit inside.


  • Lychee has a lot of dietary fiber, that helps with digestion.
  • It has a high-level of Vitamin C  that meets about 86% of the recommended daily value.
  • The fruit extract has anti-inflammatory benefits, which is great for people who have autoimmune diseases.
  • During an antiviral study, Lychee has been found to have properties that fight against the coxsackie virus (responsible for flu symptoms and infections) and herpes simplex virus.


This series of recipes come from a website that is dedicated to sharing lychee based dishes, Each recipe utilizes the lychee fruit in an amazingly unique way, that ranges from breakfast dishes to the main course.


Roasted Turkey Breast with Lychee Madeira Sauce



This savory turkey combined with the sweetness of lychee sauce will give you and your family a reason to eat turkey more than once a year! Give it a try and see what you think about this amazing combination! Click on the photo above for a link to the recipe.


Lychee Polenta

This interesting combination of both Southern charm and exotic flavor creates a mouthwatering combination that goes great with a cup of coffee in the mornings. Click on the ‘corncake’ above for something a little unique.


Stuffed Lychees



This recipe was contributed by someone in Hawaii, as a fun appetizer for a get-together, combining the sweet flavor of the lychee fruit with just a hint of ginger for spice. Get the recipe linked to the photo above and try it for yourself.

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