Fruits of Spring- Pineapple

It is now springtime, dear readers, and that means that many healthy and delicious fruits and vegetables are coming back in season! As we foray our way into the Summer season, I wanted to stop and look at some of the nutritional benefits that some of the in-season fruits have to offer. This week’s fruit is something we all know and love from South America and Hawaii: the pineapple.


We don’t know much about the original cultivation of the pineapple, but historians have believed that pineapples originated from Brazil and Paraguay in South America. Europeans discovered the pineapple for themselves due during the late 15th century in the Caribbean thanks to Columbus and other Spanish/Portuguese explorers.

Europeans tried to cultivate the fruit in their own countries but quickly learned that the tree cannot sustain itself that well outside of the tropical area it came from, thus making this a rare treat and a status symbol of wealth and royalty. Instead, cultivation came through various Asian and Pacific Island colonies where the modern pineapple grows today.


  • Pineapples contain a high amount of vitamin C, which is great for healthy skin and immune function.
  • Pineapples also contain a trace mineral that is essential for the body, manganese.
  • They also consist mostly of water and carbohydrates. They are low in calories, contain mostly insoluble fibers and should not have major effects on blood sugar levels in most people.
  • The stem of the pineapple contains a unique protein-digesting enzyme called Bromelain, which upon study, has been found to have certain benefits, such as a reduction the risk of cancer, improvement gut health and the facilitation of wound healing.



Sweet and Tropical Flat Belly Salad



The contributor of this recipe, Jenny Sugar, on, utilizes pineapple as an ingredient to help fight belly fat, clear your digestive system, and enjoy a cool refreshing taste for those sizzling summer days. The link to the recipe is in the photo above.


Pineapple, Fig, and Ginger Chutney


According to the contributor of this recipe, Mary Cadogan “The pineapple flavor really comes through in this tangy chutney, making it a perfect accompaniment for ham and all your festive cold meats and cheeses.” The link to this recipe is in the photo above!


Pineapple Whip



  If you have ever been to Disney World or the Dole Plantation in Hawaii, then you know about this amazing sorbet with an ice cream consistency. I am happy to say I found the recipe for it online, thanks to blogger Megan Gilmore. The link to the recipe is in the photo above.


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