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Don’t Fear Measurements


dont fear the scale



Scales and Tight Jeans are Scary…but are Just Objects


No one wants to deal with the dreaded thing in the bathroom that measures your weight. Especially if you haven’t kept track for so long. That innocent square that lies on the tile floor in your bathroom has no idea of the expectations, judgment, and disappointment that can come from its verdict. It cannot possibly know your shame and dismay when you wipe the dust off of it and get ready to take that first step.

Objectively, it is just a tool of measurement.  It cannot prophesy your fate and it cannot bring you messages of doom.  The scale is just a square that pops up a number.  It cannot judge, feel, nor click its tongue in disapproval.  It can only show you a number. Anything negative connection that comes with the numbers doesn’t come from the scale. It comes from inside your head.

The same could be said about the pair of jeans that are getting to be too tight. It is not lying in your drawer or across your bed in hopes of crushing your spirit and it can’t plot or think about the size of your waistline. It is just a piece of clothing that doesn’t stretch that well.


They are Objects that Serve as Signs

But, the scale and the tight pair of jeans still say something, even if they can’t hold a judgmental opinion. They serve as signs about the direction you are headed in. If the jeans are too tight, and the scale number is higher, you are gaining weight. If you if they are opposite, there are signs that you are losing weight. Either of those being good or bad is all up to individual circumstance and interpretation.  If you gained 10 lbs. over the holidays and see it as a sign to lose weight, then use the number on the scale as a starting point. If you gain 2lbs, it could just be that you ate a heavy meal, and the number will go down tomorrow morning.


These signs are nothing to panic over. They are just a starting point for you to respond to. If you respond to messages like these with fear and anxiety, then you will only hurt yourself in the long run, through either procrastination or flat-out denial. And those never lead to healthy places.


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