Getting Fit – Get on Track with a Food Journal

Introducing yourself to Healthy Habits

A lot of stress that comes with the idea of changing your lifestyle via diet and exercise, is the drudgery of counting every single calorie. Whether you sign up for the weight watcher point system or just start looking at more nutritional labels, the idea can be exhausting. And that is for people who have time on their hands and are good with numbers. Most of today’s Americans are juggling work, family, education, and a social life all at the same time. So of course, people are going to be reluctant when it comes to things like counting calories or weighing and measuring everything you eat.

That sort of reluctance is what stops us from getting into the habit of a healthy diet and exercise. So what can you do to help yourself in this predicament?


Record Something

The only way to get over something you dread or fear is to confront it.  And the only way to confront something like a bad habit is to have solid evidence of what you are doing. That’s when having a private food/exercise journal comes in handy. The purpose of a food journal is not to count every food sin you committed. It, like the scale and the jeans, are tools to show you where you are at and are there to help you calculate your next step.

You don’t have to be painfully specific, and you don’t have to take too much time with it. It can even be the note-taking app on your phone. Just be honest and get a good gist of what you had to eat or your activity levels. Then examine for a moment what you are looking at when you are finished writing it down at the end of the day/week/ month/ etc.  Did you eat too much junk food? Did you eat more vegetables? Were you able to get enough protein in your diet?

If you go down this mental checklist, you can keep yourself mindful when it is time for the next meal or snack to come around.

Even if you feel guilty or you think you forgot something, be consistent and honest with this exercise. This isn’t about appearances. It is about reflection.

The more you write something down in your food journal, the more you will be aware of your food habits. And when you are made more aware, you can do better for yourself and start living a more healthy lifestyle.


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