Happy Thanksgiving

Healthy Side Dishes

I don’t know what the weather is like where you live, but in Alabama, it has been cooling down into autumn territory. The leaves in trees are changing colors, pumpkins are everywhere, and everyone is already hearing Christmas carols. Joy.

However, I am of the camp that firmly believes that you don’t jump from Halloween to Christmas without acknowledging Thanksgiving.  While I am not a fan of its origins, I love the excuse to throw a feast and the opportunity to spend time with loved ones.  So, grab your utensils and pass the gravy, because we are diving into healthy Thanksgiving side dishes.

Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes

If you think that the traditional marshmallow covered sweet potatoes are a little too sweet, or if you want to combine the sweetness with something savory, then look no further than towards this twice baked sweet potato recipe. This recipe combines the sweetness of the potato and 2 tsp of maple syrup then contrasts it with the savory flavor of nutmeg, parmesan cheese, and kale garnish. Click on the related photo below for the specific recipe.

twice baked potatoes, healthy side dishes

Roasted Butternut Squash

One of the more classic if not outright traditional autumn side dishes that I do not see too often on dinner tables is roasted butternut squash. The recipe is simple, and this type of squash is packed with vitamin A. Check out the recipe in the photo below.

butternut squash, healthy side dishes

Glazed Haricots Verts with Pickled Shallot-Walnut Relish

Don’t feel intimidated by the terrifyingly fancy name. It’s just green beans topped with walnuts and a type of onion. I put this on the list because green beans are a healthy side dish that is available year round, and it has a more tangy taste that is great for contrasting against something milder. Click on the photo below for the recipe.

green beans, healthy side dishes



All recipes and sources came from Eatingwell.com. Check them out sometime, if you want to experiment with your cooking.

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