Fruit Snacks – A Healthier Version

This is one of my biggest guilty pleasures since I was introduced to the concept as a kid during the 90’s. My love for this treat is so strong that I literally had to ban it from coming in the house because I know full well that I would eat all of them at once, separate packaging or not. I am talking about fruit snacks.



 It is also ridiculously bad for everyone.


The crushing reality of fruits snacks not even being remotely fruit happened in September 2015 with a class action lawsuit against the Welch’s Foods, the maker of Welch’s Fruit Snacks for false advertising. It turns out the actual content of the fruit snacks have very little or no fruit in them. They are also loaded with mostly sugar, enough to classify them as candy more than fruit.   They are also being slapped with a suit over a violation of “The Jelly Bean Rule”, a law that states that you must not supplement non-nutritious foods with vitamins, just so you can claim it is nutritious. Yikes!


So obviously, if you are health conscious, you wouldn’t want your children to have these as a snack. However, I doubt that the news would go so well over your household. Especially when you are about to have your kids home for the summer for a couple of months.


Luckily, kitchen innovators, nutritionists, and stay at home moms everywhere are gearing up to make their own healthy version of delicious fruit snack recipes and I want to share them with you just in time for the summer!


Healthy Fruit Snacks



This one was featured and written by a blogger for a website by a woman named Kelly from San Francisco, California. The travel and recipe website, A Side of Sweet, illustrates the balance between being involved in fitness and enjoying the sweet side that being a foodie has to offer. Try it out! Click on the photo above for the recipe.


Fruit Leathers



This all natural fruit leather recipe is much better than its fruit by the foot counterpart. Caroline Lunger, the creator of the recipe and contributor to the DIY natural article I found the recipe, is a follower of the GAPS diet, a derivative of the Specific Carbohydrate Diet created by Dr. Sidney Hass. This diet was created by the doctor specifically to decrease flare-ups in patients who have chronic digestive conditions and damaged intestinal lining.  That means that these recipes are dense in nutrients, and are safe for sensitive stomachs. Click on the related photo to download the recipe and try it out.


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