New Year New You Hindsight is 2020-Part 2

A Healthy Lifestyle for 2020

Have you ever anticipated the New Year in a way that felt almost like catharsis? Did you hope that once the clock turns to midnight that the whole world will suddenly synch up and make sense again after a year or several years of hardships and insanity? This New Years is the start of a new decade. A decade of promise and possible closure. So, at the beginning of 2020, and in the spirit of new beginnings we are going to talk about ways to kick your health and nutrition journey.  Granted a lot of those are going to be repeated. However, with a lot of this blog being a catalog of two years worth of information, a refresher wouldn’t hurt. Here is part 2 of New Year, New You with more advice in healthy lifestyle changes.

Avoid Trigger Foods and Enablement

Junk food, lifestyleWhile you don’t want to deny yourself any treats on occasion, having them around the house where it is easily accessible is not a good idea. Not even the person with the strongest will power can avoid trigger foods forever when they are within easy reach.  Especially if there are people who either do not understand your health goals. Or who are trying to address another need in your life who are happy to enable those bad habits.  So, if you are having trouble with specific types of food, and you want to make your immediate environment easier to handle, here are a few things that you can do to make things work.

First, remove all trigger foods in your house, workspace, and car as much as possible. The less you have immediate access to them, the more likely you are going to stick to your positive lifestyle changes.

Second, communicate with other people about your health goals. If you live with other people in the house or have a partner, you want to let them know that you are planning to keep junk food our sweets out of the house. Talk to them about what you are willing to have in front of you and what you aren’t. If your friends and family are respectful, then they will respect your boundaries.

Third, if you are going to indulge at all, stick with small portions. For instance, if your weakness is cookies and you have been more consistent in your healthy habits, indulge in some of those 100 calorie packets. Those things have a predetermined serving size and a portion that is enough to be guilt-free.

Pick up a Hobby

hobby, healthy lifestyleLet’s say that you are focusing on your nutrition, and exercise routine. Combined with work and other responsibilities, it can be easy for your life to get stressful. When your brain is on food, from obsessing over the subject, it can get frustrating. Especially if you are feeling psychological hunger after workouts. Or you are actively trying to get over the hump of bad eating habits.

This is where distraction comes in. Believe it or not, distraction, while not well received in many aspects of life can be useful. Especially in cases where attention is consistently demanded like school, work, or church. However, in this case, it is quite useful.

When you feel an urge to binge, and you know you just ate, look into focusing on an entirely new activity. Whether it is something creative, or something that focuses on another aspect of life completely, it can serve to break the possible food obsession in your brain.

The last thing you want to do is make your new lifestyle so difficult to keep up with that you cannot focus on anything else in your life. Healthy nutrition and lifestyle habits are supposed to enrich your life, not make you miserable. So, find something that you enjoy doing.


Lifestyle changes and healthy habits are hard choices to make.  But you can still make them with the right know-how and support from an optimal environment. Don’t be afraid to state what you need, take up space, and ask for help from the right people you need it from. Especially if this new lifestyle change is something you are not familiar in dealing with. Communication and humbling yourself to others who know how to handle this subject are the only ways to make new habits stick. And you want those to stick if you want a happy healthy lifestyle.

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