Holiday Survival 2.0 – Part 2

Surviving Holiday Office Parties and other Gatherings


It’s that time of year again folks. The time of year when everyone in your workplace, extended family, book club, and so on decides it would be fun to throw a party filled with presents, alcohol, and junk food. If you are dieting or just conscious about how much you eat, it can be frustrating. After all, there are too many baked goods and novelty snacks that are being shoved down our proverbial throats from Halloween to New Years. I guess that’s why winter weight gain is a running stereotype.  What can you do? Is there any way to stick with your diet, and still enjoy the holiday season?

The answer is yes, but it is a balancing act, much like many other aspects of life. Here are a few ways that you can “tip the scales” back in your favor during the holiday season from our favorite nutritionist, Bekah Dewitt.

Be Picky about your Drinks


Flavored beverages are a sneaky way for empty calories to infiltrate your body and wreak havoc on your waistline.  And I am not just talking about things with sugar in them, like lemonade or soda, though they do play their part. I am talking about alcohol and coffee. Whether you want to indulge in a glass of chardonnay in the evening with friends or you decide to pick up a cup of mocha to keep awake, it all adds up to your total caloric intake.


low calorie alcohol

Regarding alcohol, mixed drinks/ cocktails are usually the worst. They sweeten the alcohol with sugar-filled flavoring and it adds that much more to an already high-calorie venture.  If you do want to indulge yourself, there are low-calorie options for things like beer, wine, and champagne. Spirits are also lower on the calorie side of things.




Black coffee, on its own, is not as bad for you in terms of calories. It is a diuretic and provides a decent amount of energy in caffeine. Unfortunately, if you are not into bitter substances, you will no doubt want to sweeten your coffee with stuff like sugar and cream. Just be careful with what you put in it. If you overdo it on the syrups and whipped cream, you are going to wind up with more sugar than a can of coke, and far more calories to contend with come New Years.

sugary coffee


For more holiday survival tips, click here and here. If you want to set up a consultation appointment with Bekah, head to the home page and click on the chatbot.