Holiday Survival 2.0 – Part 3

Surviving Holiday Office Parties and other Gatherings


It’s that time of year again folks. The time of year when everyone in your workplace, extended family, book club, and so on decides it would be fun to throw a party filled with presents, alcohol, and junk food. If you are dieting or just conscious about how much you eat, it can be frustrating. After all, there are too many baked goods and novelty snacks that are being shoved down our proverbial throats from Halloween to New Years. I guess that’s why winter weight gain is a running stereotype.  What can you do? Is there any way to stick with your diet, and still enjoy the holiday season?

The answer is yes, but it is a balancing act, much like many other aspects of life. Here are a few ways that you can “tip the scales” back in your favor during the holiday season from our favorite nutritionist, Bekah Dewitt. Let’s get into the habit of healthy eating during the holidays.


Keep Track of Your Eating Habits

Human memory isn’t as reliable as you think it is. Unlike a photo or a movie, that can capture every detail in an image, a memory is more malleable. It waxes and wanes and depends on different forms of stimuli, depending on what that memory is associated with. In fact, even eyewitness testimony is not considered strong evidence in a court of law because of its subjectivity.

What do you do, if you don’t remember what you have eaten all day? How do you keep track? The answer is easy, write it down.


healthy eating during the holidays


When you have physical evidence of what you have eaten, you can manage what you can or can not risk eating at a Christmas or New Years gathering.

Weigh yourself every day and write it down, or write down what you ate before doing your next task.  It takes a minute or two of your time, but it is okay for you to take care of yourself first.


Enjoy Small Indulgences… After you Eat the Healthy Stuff


It’s okay to eat your favorite dessert once in a while, especially during the holiday season. There is no need to be terrified of enjoying yourself. The key thing about a healthy diet is balance, not deprivation. The problem that causes weight gain is too many sweets and junk food, and not enough of the healthy stuff.


healthy eating during the holidays


So, if you want that particular cupcake that you see at the end of the buffet line? Plan ahead and get one after you’ve eaten from the fruit and vegetable tray. Do you want some of that cherry icecream? Get one scoop instead of three. The key is to not overdo it. And, after you have eaten your fruits and vegetables, you will feel enough satiety to the point that you won’t want to eat that second dessert anyway.


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