3 Tips on Navigating a Healthy Holiday


The holidays are just around the corner, one of my favorite times of year. I love spending time with family, singing Christmas carols and of course, eating! Here’s a question, how can you enjoy all your favorite holiday treats without putting on that holiday pudge?

Here are 3 tips:

1. On big feasting days, try not to save all your calories for one big meal. Skipping breakfast and lunch will make you so hungry that by the time dinner arrives, you’re so hungry you’ll overeat. Who wants that uncomfortable super stuffed feeling? Eat 3 regular-sized meals to avoid feeling starved or stuffed.

2. For meals where a variety of foods are served, take smaller portions so you can get a taste of everything.

3. Pass on ho-hum sweets like store bought cookies so you can save up for a bite of Grandma B’s homemade fudge or Aunt Barb’s peppermint bark.