New Year, New You

     Through many different cultures spanning through many time periods, New Year’s eve has been renowned as a time for spiritual reflection, personal growth, and important introspection. It is a time in everyone’s lives in which we turn the proverbial mirror towards the deepest parts of our innermost selves and wonder, “What can I do to improve my life?” Then we make resolutions based on what we think that we can do to self improve.

     According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, In 2015, the number one resolution that was made in the United States was weight loss. The statistics from that same study also showed a surprisingly low success rate of 8% of Americans who actually achieved the resolutions that they made. Why the low success rate? Well, dear Reader, when it comes to reaching the goals of getting fit, staying healthy or weight loss, I believe it all boils down to one thing, our mindsets. Until we can change our relationship and outlook on food, exercise, nutrition, and the idea of fitness as a whole, we are not going to properly change our habits or face our demons in this area in our lives.

Undertaking a change like this does sound daunting but the good news is that this isn’t something that you have to do alone. You aren’t the only one that struggles with this sort of issue. Help is out there and if you are willing to admit that you need to change your habits and outlooks then you will find what you are looking for.

This is an educational blog is for a nutritionist who has worked hard, dedicated her life to finding a balanced approach to the idea of fitness, and does it all with a sense of personal understanding that you won’t simply find from a gym or a doctor that you only see for roughly 10 minutes a visit.

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