The Old and New of Barbecue 3/5

Summer is upon us, dear readers, and nothing says summertime like an old-fashioned barbecue. Barbecue has a rich and long history that has transcended from the creation of the first colonies in the past to the Fourth of July tradition that is near and dear to our hearts.

Going Whole Hog in the Carolina’s

I mentioned when I covered the Georgia style of barbecue that pig in the area was cheaper to produce and easier to raise in farmlands. The same went for the Carolina’s. However, the dispute between which state has the better barbecue sauce are a source of lighthearted conflict that almost mirrors the original split between North and South Carolina.


Both the Carolinas were founded and dubbed as a specific colony under the rule of the Britain’s King Charles the 1st as the “Carolana Colony”. It exchanged hands as a colony of the King Charles the 2nd after taking the throne during a civil war in England, and he passed the ownership of the land with the intent to colonize it to a group of 8 men known as “The Lord’s Club.”


The colony was a complete and utter disaster. The Lord’s couldn’t agree on anything. A lack of leadership combined with multiple disputes involving territory, religious institutions, relations with Native Americans, and geographic obstacles lead the lords to finally split the territory into two colonies with two different appointed governors in the early 1700’s.

What’s in the Sauce?

Both Carolina states have the cooking style of using the whole hog down to a science, and it was a laborious enough task to require multiple people to cook the pig all the way through, making it a great activity that could serve as an excuse for socializing at family reunions, political gatherings, and Sunday brunches after church.  There is even an agreed upon name for the event between all states : ‘pig pickin.

However, both North and South Carolina will proudly tell you their sauce is amazing while the sauce from their neighbor is complete garbage. The only way to settle this never ending argument is to try both and find out for yourself which sauce is better. Click on the pictures below to find the recipes.


North Carolina's Vinegar Sauce
North Carolina’s Vinegar Sauce
South Carolina's Mustard Sauce
South Carolina’s Mustard Sauce









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