All the Colors of the Rainbow – Radishes


This post is part of a new series for Bekah’s Bites. We will be sharing nutrition tips about colorful fruits and vegetables. Think about rainbow colors when you choose your produce because those bright shades not only mean better flavor, it means they contain healthy nutrients.


Pull this colorful red vegetable from storage and get them ready use them in your healthy recipes!

The small root vegetable we all find so familiar today is quite a world traveler with several varieties appearing in India, China and Asia. The ones we see most often were cultivated by Greek and Roman agriculturalists then found their way to Europe and are commonly known as the European Radish. Being quite hardy, this cold weather vegetable is fast growing and is easily harvested with few issues with soil or pests.  Which is great for us because this root’s robustness adds so many health benefits to our diets!

healthy-vegetables-restaurant-nature3.5 ounces (or almost half a cup) has 16 calories and can provide 25% of the daily recommended value of Vitamin C. Other nutrients packed into this tiny root vegetable range from iron and potassium to vitamins A, B and calcium. Radishes contain fiber which helps in maintaining a healthy weight. Paired with the fiber, radishes are also natural diuretics and both together will keep your digestive system functioning properly. This mild, peppery vegetable also has a high water content, eases inflammation and provides a cooling effect to the body. Other benefits include:

  • Cell repair and productions
  • Controls blood sugar
  • Reduces cholesterol
  • Relieves congestion and help with respiratory issues
  • Assist with liver function

food-radishes-vegatablesA tiny vegetable that packs so many nutrients certainly needs to be added to your grocery list! Look for our Friday Lunch recipe featuring an easy radish slaw that will go with all of your favorite sandwiches.

Cooking tip

Be sure to buy small radishes, larger sizes tend to be hollow or spongy. Once purchased, wash them well and store them in a plastic baggies with a paper towel at the bottom, this will keep them fresh for about a week.