Tis the Season to be Healthy-Holiday Party Survival

It’s that time of the year again. The time of the year when families, friends, and coworkers come together to feast for the holidays, which can unfortunately wreak havoc on your diet if you’re not careful. Fear not, dear reader! With this collection of healthy holiday recipes, you and your waistline are sure to have a happy holiday season!

Congratulations on dodging the temptation of overindulgence at your family Thanksgiving get together. It was most likely not easy, but I am sure that there was a rewarding feeling of accomplishment to exercise that sort of willpower while you were spending time with friend’s and family. You can pat yourself on the back, but you must also realize that the holiday season of temptation are not over yet.



December is a month filled with office holiday parties, even more family get-togethers, and church/community potlucks. And with each party comes with snack bars that are filled with so many empty calories, that you might as well go up an extra clothing size come January 1st. I don’t know about you, but I am not to keen on starting off the new year with even more weight to lose. So, with a little research, I devised a list of tactics that can help you survive the many holiday parties that plague the month of December.

  • Pre-eat: If you are headed to a post lunch or dinner cocktail party, then it is a wise idea to curb your appetite with some low calorie and highly fibrous fruits and vegetables. This practice will decrease your chances of any binging behaviors during the party.
  • Congregate Away from the Food Table: This is where the old adage, “out of sight; out of mind” comes into play. If you stay away from the buffet table after you make your small platter and immerse yourself in games, chit chat, or other past times, you are much less likely to head back for unnecessary second or third helpings.
  • Do Not Eat Out of Obligation: You shouldn’t feel obligated or pressured into eating everything that is being shoved in your general direction by friends and family members. While that does not seem polite by the standards that your parents or grandparents set, your health should come first.
  • Fill your Plate Wisely: If you limit your consumption of calorie rich foods, and fill up part of your plate/napkin with fruits and vegetables, you are less likely to overindulge on too many Holiday treats.
  • Avoid the Punch Bowl: It is a t rap that is filled with either the empty calories that come with the alcohol that a coworker snuck in or the multiple types of sugars that come in the actual ingredients.
  • Allow Yourself a Small Splurge: The holidays are supposed to be a time of celebration, you don’t have to deprive yourself completely. If you want a specific treat, then go for it. People who deprive themselves usually abandon their diet and go back to over indulgent behavior. The goal here is to create a sense of moderation during the holiday season.


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The final thing that I have to say to all of you Holiday dieters out there is that this concept is not meant to make you feel unreasonably pressured. This whole concept of watching your diet during the holiday season is first and foremost meant to be an exercise in taking care of yourself. I might offer tips on how you can watch what you eat but I am not here to pass judgment on whether you succeed or fail. It’s okay to make mistakes, to fail and try again. What is not okay is wallowing in them. So do your best and I will see you next week!


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