Tis the Season to Be Healthy-Leftover Makeover

It’s that time of the year again. The time of the year when families, friends, and coworkers come together to feast for the holidays, which can unfortunately wreak havoc on your diet if you’re not careful. Fear not, dear reader! With this collection of healthy holiday recipes, you and your waistline are sure to have a happy holiday season!

The day after Thanksgiving is guaranteed to bring two things to your household once the dust has settled, turkey comas and leftovers. Leftovers are aplenty and while that initially sounds like an amazing prospect for you and your family, one person or group of people can only eat so much leftovers before they get sick of the idea. Eventually those leftovers get tossed out into the garbage and get added to a growing pile of seasonal regrets and a surprisingly alarming pile of food waste. In fact, did you know according to the USDA, Americans are projected to throw away more than 200 million pounds of turkey meat this Thanksgiving holiday? That averages out to each household dumping about 35% of edible turkey meat each year! That is why I am going to share with you a couple of ways on how to utilize those leftovers to help you and your family to do their part to reduce food waste this holiday season.


Mashed Potato Stacks


This English inspired recipe is a great way to increase your veggie intake for the day and a way to utilize the leftover mashed potatoes sitting in your refrigerator. Not only did the recipe boast a 4 out of 5 stars on the original blog it was posted on, but this dish also carries an air of elegance that brings a fresh new look to a seemingly dull leftover. The author of this recipe has also published quite a few vegetarian publications and cook books, meaning that this dish is also vegetarian approved.



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Turkey Curry


If the traditional oven roasted turkey has gotten too bland for your taste buds, then spice it up with this curry recipe. This sweet and spicy blend of flavors will not only help you feel as though you are eating something completely different from yesterday’s dish, but it also reuses leftover turkey while helping you get your daily servings of fruit.


© Knorr

Stuffing Waffles


If cranberries and stuffing are getting too much to bear ,after the third time you piled it on your plate, then I have a solution for you. This a recipie is quick, easy, and puts a new spin on both side dishes. These waffles are a savory take on the traditionally sweet waffles that would be normally served around the breakfast table and if you have left over cranberry sauce or gravy, it can bring an entirely new and exciting combination of flavors.


© Just a Taste

Cranberry Turkey Pastries


If relatives want your leftovers to go, or if you simply want to take the “kitchen sink” approach, then this is the recipe for you. This dish utilizes all of the thanksgiving classic staples into one easy to carry out meal that takes less than an hour to make and is far healthier for you than the infamous Hot Pocket ™. If this doesn’t help you cut down the leftover Thanksgiving waste, then no recipe will.



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