Ways to Incorporate Exercise in Your Daily Life

Ways to Incorporate Exercise in Your Daily Life

Huntsville, AL – It can be hard to commit yourself to exercise every day. Especially, if you are not in the habit of it or, not all that good at time management. There are many reasons why people hesitate to start an exercise routine in the first place.

When you have a job, family, and other obligations it can get stressful. Especially when you imagine setting time aside for a workout. Combine that with the typical dread of going to a gym. This creates an understanding of why people don’t make a habit of choosing to work out.

Thankfully, there are quite a few things that you can do. You will be able to not only get you in the mindset for the New Year but you can make the whole concept of exercise seem less intimidating as a whole.

Do You Have a Pet? Take it On a Walk

exercise, dog walking, happy dogDo you have a family dog that is wrecking your furniture, and you need to stretch your legs? You can kill both figurative problems with one stone, by taking your dog on a walk on a regular basis.  As long as you are able to move your legs and wrangle your dog onto a leash you both can get the benefits of going out on a walk.

One of the main benefits that come with walking your dog is that it gives you both a chance to reaffirm your bond. Dogs love to spend time with their humans. When they do it often, they are more likely to obey their master.

Another benefit is that it will make your dog less destructive. The new sights and smells are stimulating to the dog, and the consistent exercise would both tire them out physically and mentally.

In short, the exercise is good for both of you, and you are less likely to see it as a terrible chore that puts a halt to your daily routine.

Have Kids or Grandkids? Play With Them!

Another thing you can do to keep your normal routine while injecting little exercise into it is to just play with your kids or grandkids. For the most singing, cleaning, mop, exercisepart, kids need both structure and to be watched over by their parents and grandparents. If they are ignored completely or are instructed to take you too seriously, you could be missing out on an important life long relationship.

So, if they say they want you to play with them, feel free to do it. Take them to the park or back yard, allow them to run around and start tagging people. Try to keep up.

Even if they have more energy than you do at the moment, the workout that the play sessions will give you would be more than enough opportunity to get you in shape, as well as, a chance to just have fun with your family.

You are never too old to play games with your family, and give them a chance to create a stronger bond. Plus, it is so fun that most people will forget its exercise.

Clean the House

Are you surrounded by clutter, and need a workout routine?  Get to cleaning! We all remember seeing cleaning montages in 80’s films right? This is often accompanied by upbeat music and dance breaks with feather dusters as a microphone.

Cleaning is a great workout routine. Because it involves a lot of lifting, squatting, scrubbing, and other motions that can make you work up a sweat quickly. Combine this with the accomplishment of your house looking nicer and you can see how it benefits you and your living space.

You get an energetic a contagious feeling when you on your favorite playlist that you don’t want to stop past the first song. Also, you will have a lovely place to show for it.


There are ways to exercise without feeling like you are taking time off to go to the gym. It can not only reaffirm your daily routine, but it can be a platform for relationship building and getting the rest of your life in order.

There are a lot of ways you can exercise without feeling like it is pointless. Even if you aren’t getting the immediate results of weight loss, you are still putting in effort towards other aspects of your life. And that can be a great head start for a New Year, New You in 2020.

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